Master Agreement Between Dva And Afge


15 MANAGER S GUIDE TO THE DVA/AFGE MASTER AGREEMENT Article 8 CHILD CARE COMMENTARY FOR ARTICLE 8 – CHILD CARE Section (s) with a new language: 3D This is essentially a rollover article. The only new language is in 3D. Commentary from Section 2 It should be noted that not all institutions have a child care facility and that there is nothing in this section that requires that each institution have on-site child care or a local child care facility that is the subject of local negotiations. Section 3 D: 3D section is new. Staff in the Collective Agreements Unit, which performs an unrepresentative function on the child care committee, are on duty. Employees of the collective agreement unit performing a union representation function will work at the official time and will not be charged on the official time allocated in this agreement. Note to Section 4 The language of Section 4 must be interpreted in accordance with section 35 of time and leave. Department of Veterans Affairs Management Management Relations 15 Ibidun Roberts: That`s right. It is the master contract, the locals get certain arrangements to negotiate on the ground. But it is for the general concepts on which we agree at the national level. Ibidun Roberts: So what we`re looking for in the treaty is really the procedures, right? You can`t negotiate the law itself.

Congress has deemed this law appropriate, so we can only carry out the procedure. For example, the law reduced the time it takes employees to take action to 15 days. Therefore, as soon as the VA submits a deportation proposal to a staff member, it has seven days to respond to this proposal. And then, within a fortnight, eight days after its response, the VA must make a decision. This really reduces the time that the union can look for evidence to help and actually give the answer to that employee. To meet with the employee, gather evidence and formulate a response. It`s really too insensible. And if you add that the union is not in the facility now, I`m sure we`ll get there, it makes it a lot harder to meet an employee to meet a move, a big upheaval in their lives. That is what we want to see in the agreement.

We want the procedures to allow workers to meet with the union, give them time to do so and allow the employee to participate when that meeting is scheduled for response, instead of management setting their own appointment, which could be the next day or two days later, if the employee may not have had a chance to respond yet. So we want to have formal procedures in the agreement. 129 Page 2 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT LETTER No requirement for eligibility for competition must be met, including U.S. citizenship, qualifications, employment of family members, etc. The existing rules and policies of Title 5 should be respected when determining qualifications, setting remuneration, determining eligibility, etc. These va transformations do not require an exchange contract, as this eligibility is based on a status. B. A current VCS staff member with indeterminate employment may be considered and appointed for permanent or temporary VA positions with respect to the performance promotion program and its requirements, including positions with no promotional potential known for real reassignments (same exact salary) and changes to the lower rank. However, a VCS staff member with a new permanent VCS job may not be transferred from his or her position until 90 days expires, just as a member of the competition department must wait 90 days after a competitive appointment before a substantial change in employment can be made, including obligations, title, series, rank, work plan, place of intervention, etc.


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